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Cristina Delius  I  Tap Dance
Founder and director of TapBeat, International Tap Dance Center

Cristina Delius, born in Lisbon is one of Europe’s best-known tap dancers and choreographers. Trained in both classical and modern dance and as a Cellist, Cristina combines elements of jazz with free improvisation and the highest musical standards in her performances.

At her studio in Berlin, Cristina contributes to establish tap dance at the higher quality standards and she has long aquired an international renomee in this field. She receives with gratitude the recognition of her American colleagues like her great tap dance virtuoso and mentor Brenda Bufalino and Jason Samuels Smith, Joseph Wiggan or Cartier Williams, stars of the new generation of tap dancers in the USA among others.

Today, performances and teaching work regularly take her across Europe and the USA. She works as a Soloist, with her Tap Company or as a guest dancer in several venues and with several companies around the world.

Cristina is the founder and director of the Tap Dance Company "Chili con Tap" and founder and director of “Tripeco” (Triangular Percussion Project) trio. Tripeco Musicians: Silvia Ocougne (guitar) and Johannes Gunkel (bass).

More about Cristina here: www.cristinadelius.de  

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Magdalena Mak-Jeszka  I  Tap Dance and Irish Dance

Since 2004 fascinated by Irish dance and music heritage, Magdalena opened herself towards a mysterious world of percussive dance and found her way to the tap dance. Led by notorious curiosity, she was attending numerous workshops not only in Irish and tap technique but also flamenco, body music, contemporary, swing, jazz and contact improvisation.

In 2012, after several years of searching for a rehearsing space to teach and practice, she decided to found EtnoBalans Dance Studio in Poznan. With people from her dancing community she worked on different local dance projects, such as: LUMEN - The Birth of Light, Mysterious Europe, Eachtra - celtic groove, dance, image and word, Glanfaidh Mé.

Magdalena teaches regulary workshops of Irish and tap dance in Poland and is now active in Berlin, where she currently lives.
She is keen on improvising - not only in dance. She loves the never-ending possibilities that improvisation gives as well as the feeling and awareness of being here and now and creating in this special moment. She also strongly appreciates every opportunity of exchange with musicians, either in artistic projects or during jam sessions. 

Magdalenas photo: Dariusz Floryszczak

Luke Dowling  I  Tap Dance

Luke is a professional tap dancer from London. Having trained with Tap Attack and in Musical Theatre college. He graduated from Italia Conti Academy of Performing Arts.

Luke joined „Tap Attack“ as a company member in 2009, remaining with the company until 2012, during which time he won 2 silver medals at the IDO World Tap Championships with choreographies by James Doubtfire. Whilst a member of "Tap Attack" and "Extreme Tap", both based in the UK, Luke performed regularly abroad with credits encompassing live television, theatrical performances, music video’s as well as corporate events. He was also a member of the “Got To Dance” series 1 semi final act. 

Theatre credits include: BBC 'The One Show', Singin’ In The Rain, Footloose, AIDA, Eugenius and Starlight Express.

Luke Dowling will join the TapBeat Staff in October 2019. In his classes he offers a mixture of performance and technical skills.

Luke moved to Berlin to further his Tap ability and learn to speak fluent German. His favourite tap dancer is Jimmy Slyde for his intricate rhythms and stylish slides.   

Lilia Antico and the Swing Shack Team I  Lindy Hop and other Swing Dance styles

TapBeat has started a cooperation since Septemebr 2019 with Swing Shack, dance school for Lindy Hop in Potsdam. Lilia Antico, who has learned her first Tap Dance steps with Cristina Delius directs theTapBeat Swing-Project with her fellow dancers from Swing Shack.

About Swing Shack:
„Wir sind vier leidenschaftliche Lindy Hop Tänzer/innen. Vor einem knappen Jahr haben wir uns zusammengetan, um eine Tanzschule zu gründen und unsere Leidenschaft weiter zu vermitteln. Wir möchten unsere Liebe zum Lindy Hop und unsere Energie und Freude mit anderen Tanz-affinen Menschen teilen.

Seit ca. sieben Jahren sind wir in verschiedenen Szenen des Swingtanzes unterwegs und tauschen uns aus, besuchen Kurse, bilden uns weiter und nähren unseren Spaß an dieser außergewöhnlichen Tanzform.
Wir bieten Kurse für Lindy Hop, Charleston und Authentic Solo Jazz an, erarbeiten bekannte und eigene Choreografien und organisieren Parties und neuerdings auch einen Festival mit Livemusik im Raum Potsdam/Berlin.

The Swing Shack Team:

Lilia Antico
Meine Leidenschaft zum Swingtanz habe ich über die Musik entdeckt. Ich liebe die Atmosphäre wenn Tänzer und Musiker zusammenkommen. Wenn ich mit meinen Musikerkollegen spiele sehen wir die direkte Spiegelung unserer Musik in den Bewegungen der Tänzer vor uns auf der Tanzfläche. Für mich ist die Verbindung zwischen Musik und Tanz mein Leben. Ich verstehe und schätze beide Seiten und beschäftige mich damit sie in Einklang zu bringen.

Julia Brito Rozas
Tanzen ist für mich Hingabe an die Leidenschaft der Musik und es befreit mich von der Schwere mancher Dinge im Leben. Wenn ich tanze, gebe ich meinem Gegenüber ein Stück Lebendigkeit. Das ist für mich eine der schönsten Arten zu kommunizieren. Ein Leben ohne Tanzen und Musik wäre für mich unvorstellbar.

Marius Lauer
Tanzen führt uns direkt in und durch unser Selbst und projiziert es als Bewegung in den Raum. Diesen Eindruck habe ich immer wieder wenn ich auf eine Tanzfläche schaue und ist wohl eine der faszinierendsten Dinge die ich erfahren durfte. Seitdem liegt mein Fokus beim Tanzen auf Freiheit und Improvisation, sodass jeder Tanz neu und kreativ wird.

David Völker
Seit 6 Jahren tanze ich nun schon Lindy Hop, höre Swing, Jazz, tanze Solo- und Paartanz, performe und unterrichte. Für mich liegt die Faszination in der Brandbreite, der Freiheit und vor allem an dem Spaß den diese Tanzstil mit sich bringt. Meine Philosophie: „Don’t show off! Just dance. Keep it simple so that you can dance.“

Photos: Carlotta, Stephanie O'Connor, David Völker   

Erica Rist  I  Tango and Yoga

Erica Rist was born in Córdoba, Argentina. Erica is a dancer, actor, choreographer and dance teacher. She is the director of  the Divine-Dance Company in Berlin. In Argentinien she worked as a dancer with the Ballett Oficial del Teatro Luz y Fuerza, Danzarte Company, Jazzdance-Ensemble Cohelo-Olguín, Disney Festival, "La Rural Pavillion", Les Lions Ballett Compagnie. In Germany she worked among others with the following Ensembles and institutions: Deutsche Tanzkompanie; Deutsche Oper Berlin; Ensemble Owczareck, Tanzproduktionen für Dortmund, Mexico, Waldbühne Berlin; Tanztheater Ensemble in Kreis, Special Guets wit hthe TV Balletensemble in Berlin. She worked as a choreographer at the Oper House Zürich for the production "Cunning Little Vixen" from Katharina Talbach.

Musicals work: Soloist for Evita (Principal theater Klagenfurt), Consuela in West Side Story (Theater Linz, Atticus Theater Greece), Rocky Horror Show (Hans Otto Theater Potsdam), My Fair Lady , Zar und Zimmermann (Theater Lübeck). and others.

Choreography and regie/ own danceproductions: " Kosmos" (Deutsche Oper Berlin), "Ilusión de Tango" (Academy of Arts in Berlin), "María de Buenos Aires" with Opera Latinoamericana (Kulturbrauerei Berlin), "Von Dolch zur Federboa"with Trío Percanta (Woodstage, Themen, Spandau, Munich), "Drei Minuten mit der Wirklichkeit", Danced reading (Regentenbau in Bad Kissingen, Castle Köpenik, Berliner Principal Operhouse...), "De la calle al alma, life of tango" with Polenta Arrabalera (Rathaus Schöneberg, Iberoamerican cultur institut), " Argentina" (Castle Wackerbarth), and others

Film and Tv: dancer, actress and choreographer for productions like : " Bei Anruf Mord", " Balco", "Christian Andersen", Guf Ha Neschamot", " Schwester Stefanie", oppening " Grand Prix de la Chansón" , Film Tango Pasion“, Hildebrand Film Prod. Berlin and promotion spots. 

You can read more about Erica here...

Michail Spyridis „Lucky“   I  Hip Hop and Breakdance

Michail Spyridis also known as „B-boy Lucky Look“, was born on 9th of April 1991 in Russia. At the age of 5 he moved to Greece where he grew up.

As a kid he has learned martial arts such as kickboxing and wrestling. Those technics along with his great discipline inspired him to create his individual style and to bring his own ideas in the dance world.

Lucky is an independent artist, he has developed his dance skills from 2003 till now days. In 2018 he created a dance performance named ''Hip Hop Platon''.

Lucky has the experience of big stages and worldwide bboy contests. He is the creator of (Dead Prezz Education classes) were students learn dance and its culture. Lucky is a performer, choreographer and director for group performances and his own pieces. He is travels and teaches all around the world. 

Awards: please check here.

TAPBEAT GUEST TEACHERS: Brenda Bufalino, Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards, Katherine KramerJason Samuels-Smith, Cartier Williams, Joseph Wiggan, Guillem Alonso, Avalon Rathgeb, Derek Roland, Christopher Erk, Lisa La Touche, Dewitt Fleming Jr., Rubén Perez, Thomas J Egan, Jordan Pollard, Jesse RasmussenSilvia Ocougne, Roland Schneider, Andreas Schmidt, Guido Witte ...

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