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We have reopened the studio since June 2nd., 2020!
We are offering regular classes in the studio and outside at the Parc. Due to the corona virus hygiene and security rules our offer indoors is restricted to a small number of participants pro class until the end of August. Pre-registration for the classes for all participants until 1 day prior to the class is necessary. Our schedule is slightly shortened/modified until the end of August. Please contact us at in order to get all updated informations. New classes in preparation for September 2020.     

Summer Holiday:
Kids & Teens: June 25th–August 8th, 2020
Adults: August 1–16, 2020   

TapBeat Online-Classes:
We will keep on offering online classes and live streams. This service is free of charge for our students with a contract. If you are interested in our online videos or in participating in one of our live stream classes please contact us at Upon a donation you will then have access to some of our video clips and will be able to participate in our live stream classes.   

August 24–29, 2020 with Cristina Delius

6 Days of intensive Tap Dance courses! Limited spots. Early registration recommended.

The classes will take place at the studio and as well as Livestream.

Downloads (PDF): 1. Schedule   2. Workshop Tuition   3. Registration Form

Course 1: Light Beginners 
For participants with 1 year experience. 
6 Days, 6 x 60 minutes.
Schedule: 5:30–6:30 p.m. 

Course 2: Adv Beginners + Intermediate
For participants with 2 years experience and more. 
6 Days, 6 x 75 minutes.
Schedule : 6:45–8:00 p.m. 

Course 3: Int Adv + Advanced
For participants with at least 5 years experience. 
6 Days, 6 x 90 minutes.
Schedule : 8:15–9:45 p.m.

Workshop Tuition (without a contract):                       until July 24:          after:
Course 1:   86,00 €              96,00 €
Course 2:   92,00 €            102,00 €
Course 3:   98,00 €            108,00 €

Single classes (without a contract):
1 x 60 minutes : 17,00 €
1 x 75 minutes : 19,00 €
1 x 90 minutes : 20,00 €

Workshop Tuition for TapBeat students with a contract:
Course 1: free of charge* (6 x 60 minutes)  
Course 2: free of charge* (6 x 75 minutes) 
Course 3: free of charge * (6 x 90 minutes) 
* for students that have paid the monthly fee during the studio
closing due to the corona lockdown.  
Second course per student/level with a contract:
6 Days: 78,00 € (6 x 60 minutes) 
6 Days: 84,00 € (6 x 75 minutes)
6 Days: 90,00 € (6 x 90 minutes)
Extra classes (more than 6) with a contract:
1 Day: 14,00 € (1 x 60 minutes)
1 Day : 15,00 € 1 x 75 minutes) 
1 Day : 16,00 € (1 x 90 minutes)

How to register and conditions can be found on the registration form.  

Please note that:
1. By more than 6 students in one course, the class will take place outside the studio at Tiergarten.
2. By bd weather, since only 6 participants are allowed at the studio at a time, extra days for the classes will be offered during the weekend.
3. Please stay flexible, so that everyboy gets a chanve to participate at the Summer Workshops. 
4. If you have a tap floor bring it with you, otherwise TapBeat will provide the floors.

New Dates TBA!

Dance afternoon at TapBeat for all those who wish to try several dance styles, rehearse  together, watch dance movies, learn about improvisation (with or without jam) or present small dance numbers at our open stage... 

During the event: information desk and talk about dance. The TapBeat Bar offers a choice of small dishes and drinks for an additional charge. 

When?: on the last Saturday of a month. 
This event will be organized on a regular basis until June 2020. During the Summer (July and August) the dance afternoon on saturdays will not take place.

Charge: 10,00 € for non-members.
TapBeat students with a contract are requested to give a small donation at the door.
Would you like to join us? Please register at

New dates in preparation! 

Concept and teacher: Magdalena Mak-Jeszka

Download (PDF): Registration form

Let yourself be invited on a trip to less known and more organic corners of the Irish dance realm. In a land, where it's not so important to learn complicated choreography to impress the audience but to lead the dialogue with music, improvise freely and just enjoy yourself :)

„Sean nós“ ("old style") Irish dance style is becoming more and more popular. Leg movements in „Sean nós“ style are small and less spacious, close to the floor, and the body is relaxed from the waist upwards. As it is an improvised form, in fact each dancer presents his own unique style.

During the classes you will be provided with a selection of simple steps and sequences, on the basis of which you will be encouraged to build your own rhythmic stories. We will be also opening ourselves to improvisation.

What will you ned to bring: comfortable clothes and casual shoes with a hard sole (preferably leather sole) or tap dance shoes.

Schedule (2 Days):
Friday: 7:00–8:30 p.m.
Saturday,: 11:00–12:30 p.m.

Workshop tuition:          until 1 month before start    I        after:
1 x 90 minutes:                            25,00 €                               30,00 €
2 x 90 minutes :                           45,00 €                               50,00 €

Cash payment for TapBeat students with a contract: tuition fee like in „until 1 month before start“ with
registration form. 

Cash payment on the day of the workshop for participants without a TapBeat contract: + 5,00 €

„How to register and conditions“ can be found on the registration form.

with Camille Boillet
New dates in preparation!  

8 Classes to get aquainted with this Swing Dance style.

Download (PDF): Registration Form

The Authentic Jazz compact course offers an open level classes. Beginners and more experienced dancers are welcome to come swing together. In the 8 weeks programm we will learn from roots of the dance, get a understanding of the music to find how and what makes us move to swing jazz music. 

Each class 75 minutes.

Thursdays, 7:15–8:30 p.m.

Tuition fee:
Trial class*: 18,00 € (1 x 75 minutes)
 8 classes: 128,00 € (8 x 75 minutes)
*The trial class fee will be deducted from the total amount, if you book the whole course (8 x 75 minutes).   
By belated payment through money transfer there will be an extra charge of 5,00 €. 

How to register and conditions can be found on the Registration Form Solo Jazz.

Video: Camille Boillet, Swing Dancer

photo: Jessica Keener

with Cristina Delius
New dates in preparation!  

8 Classes to get aquainted with this dance style.

Download (PDF): Registration Form 

This course is special conceived for absolute Beginners who wish to learn tap dance basic steps. In the 8 weeks programm we will learn some of the most important basic steps of this dance form, we will work on rhythm exercises, coordination and how to use the body in order to reproduce sound with our feet. 

Each class 60 minutes):
Thursdays, 6:15–7:15 p.m.

Tuition fee:
Trial class*: 16,00 € (1 x 60 minutes)
8 classes: 120,00 € (8 x 60 minutes)
*The trial class fee will be deducted from the total amount, if you book the whole course (8 x 60 minutes).
By belated payment through money transfer there will be an extra charge of 5,00 €.

How to register and conditions can be found on the Registration Form Tap Dance Basics

Canceled due to corona virus! New dates TBA! 

with Special Guest Billy Siegenfeld (USA)

Workshop topic: „drumming and rhythmic song-dancing“/full bodied rhythm-making“. Ideal for tap dancers and dancers of different styles and musicians.

* = directed system of body-voice training guided by the African-originated concept of full-bodied rhythm-making called ngoma (“drumming and rhythmic song-dancing”).

More about the Jump Rhythm© concept:
please click here...

Photos and videos: please click here...

Detailed information (schedule, tuition fee and registration form) soon online. 

Canceled due to corona virus! New dates TBA!  
A Play About Letting Go – June 19–20, 2020 at 8:00 p.m.

An original theater play written and choreographed by Billy Siegenfeld.
In English with many dance scenes.

Plot: A rehearsal between two actors turns into explosions of angst, politics, literature, motherhood, forgiveness, and love — with snatches of song, a handful of dances, rants about life, and impassioned appeals to both the moon and Jane Austen.

Cast: Billy Siegenfeld und Jordan Batta
Technical director: Joshua Weckesser

Friday and Saturday at the TapBeat stage.
Beginn: 8:00 p.m. / Doors open at 7:30 p.m.
Tickets: 15,00 € (no discounts).
Early reservations recommended at

More about the play, cast and trailer:
Quotation: „What Do You Want To Be When You Give Up“ exceeded all expectations. It's a must-see. An original display of acting, singing and dancing seldom seen on stage or screen. The smoothest couple since Fred and Ginger.“ – Suzy and Sam Novenstern, young-at-heart senior citizens...   

August 3–7, 2020

5 Days of Tap Dance, Irish Dance, Breakdance and more...

Detailed information and registration soon online.

COMING UP! (Dates Subject to alterations)

October 2020:
Autumn Week Workshops and Show with Guest Teacher Guillem Alonso (Barcelona) und Cristina Delius. 5 Days of intensive Tap Dance courses for all levels. Details soon online.

Highlight 2021:
Workshop and Show with Special Guests: Brenda Bufalino and Jenai Cutcher.

Cristina Delius celebrates 25 years of the foundation of her first Tap Dance Studio in Berlin with her mentor and tap virtuoso Brenda Bufalino (New York) and tap dancer and film director Jenai Cutcher (Chicago) at TapBeat in Berlin. 





Photo©: Betti Franceschi

Tap Dance Workshops,
Film screening,
Tap Talk and Show.

Detailed information in preparation. 


Foto©: William Frederking  

Beginner to Professional levels. Book your private Workshop with us!

Our personalized workshops allow us to design a program just for you, customized to your goals, needs, and learning style.

Requirements: you are a small group who wishes to work exclusively two, three or more days with Cristina Delius? Then please write us an email with your request and don't forget to include the following information:

1. What are your goals or special needs?
2. Desired dates
3. Number of participants
4. Contact person and phone number

Please send your request to TapBeat:
phone: +49 30-886 24 158 / mobil: +49 152 277 38 706 / email:

Location: This workshops can be taken at TapBeat or in a location of your choice.

We would love to come and do a performance for you!

Galas, events, birthday parties, theater programs, children shows...

Program duration:
Minimum 10 minutes.
Maximum 60 minutes.
Or upon request.

How to book: Contact us at +49-30-886 24 158 or visit the Homepage of our Tap Dance Company Chili con Tap.


For children (Age: 6+) and teenagers. 

Celebrate your child's birthday at our dance studio.

Offer includes: Tap Dance, Irish Dance, Hip Hop classes or Mini Dance Shows for the birthday child and his guests. 

Please click on the picture in order to access our "Birthday Party" homepage.

TapBeat Office hours:
Thursdays: 4:30–7:30 p.m. Meet our office manager Claudia personally on this day.
Monday–Friday: by phone or email. Phone calls from 10:00 a.m. on.
Weekends: Closed. Exceptions: you can contact us by phone or email if workshops or events are taking place.
Other appointments can be made by phone or email.
The office is closed during official holidays and studio holidays.   

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